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Established in Bellingham on June 5, 1884, the members of Bellingham Bay Lodge have been working on behalf of our community for more than 130 years.  Our core mission is take good men and, through a course moral and philosophic instruction, make them better.  Empowered by our mission, and enabled by the labors of our Brothers in service of our community, our goal is simple:

Make our community, and the world, a better place.


Freemasons of Washington will be recognized as a relevant and respected Fraternity, committed to attracting and retaining all men of high quality who strive for self improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community.


At least twice each month, we meet in downtown Bellingham to break bread, share a little fellowship, and work together to improve ourselves and our community. Whether welcoming new brothers to the degrees of Masonry, learning more about our craft through Masonic instruction, or sharing our table with visitors to our lodge, we work constantly on self-improvement.


Being a member of Bellingham Bay #44 doesn't stop at the door of our Lodge.  From friends and Brothers around Whatcom County, to lodges across the state and around the world, Freemasonry is active in nearly ever country .  Being a part of a local Masonic lodge opens the door to a life-long Masonic experience.


Being part of a Masonic lodge isn't all about silly hats and secret handshakes.  It is about engaging in a journey of self improvement; about being a leader by serving your community; about having real friends; about being a good man, and becoming a better one.

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